About us

Pixie Girl Rides is a lifestyle brand that was founded to bring together and empower a group of gals who love to ski and ride. We specialize in personalized items, hand-made and designed in Idaho by fellow Pixies. The concept was literally developed while riding on some lovely Idaho mountain single track with my best girls. For us, these things are not just hobbies or pastimes, but a lifestyle that we live for and love. It is an integral part of who we are and the people we share our adventures with.
Our Pixie tells the story of a unique kind of girl—she dreams of powder and dirt, sweat and tears, climbing peaks and flying down.
She tells the story of each of us.
We hope that she defines you in a very personal way as well.  
So, join the ride & share your Pixie Girl Adventures with us.



We know nothing of borders. We blaze our own trails.

Movement is both our philosophy and our inspiration.

We ride to our own rhythm.

We create our own adventures.

We make our own magic and spread it wherever we go.

We’re not afraid to be exactly who we were made to be, striving for experiences that unleash our most vibrant beautiful selves.