CEO, Founder, Designer

Lived in: Alaska, Switzerland, and Ecuador but Idaho is home sweet home

Worth it: Making a career change 5 years out of college

Occupation: Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Entrepreneur

Preoccupation: Powder Days

Bravest Design Yet: My house

Unnatural: Love for my old beater Subaru and the perfectly ripened mango
Deep affection for: Mountains, fall leaves, fresh snow, beanies and Thai Food

Brings me joy: Adventures with my family

Learned to keep up: Chasing 6 brothers

Motto: Help someone every single day


CFO, PGR Ambassador

Occupation: Mother of 5

Fibs: I have everything under control, I’ll be there in a minute

Have broken: 22 bones

Must have’s: Baby wipes, peppermint Hershey kisses, all-wheel drive

Super Power: Making it camping/biking/skiing with everyones gear

Loves: Falling leaves, falling snow and snuggling

Beauty trick: On a good day..shower...get dressed

Can’t live without: Amazon Prime

Motto: “T’is a gift to be simple”

Can’t figure out: The purpose of: High heels


Brand Development, PGR Ambassador

Greatest Adventure: Spring ride in Sedona desert with no particular place to go.

Know: If there is a turtle on a fence post, someone put it there.

Super Power: Ability to sneak in a ride when it looks like there is no chance- too rainy- too cold- too hot-too snowy-too busy

If: you see a caterpillar pick it up

Survival Kit: Chamois butter & chocolate

Never: Chase skunks, they are tricksters

Beauty Trick: Sunshine, dirt and sweat

Dream Car: Old beat up van with a new Santa Cruz bike in back

Never leave home without: Super dog Bella


PGR Ambassador

Can't live without: Hot tea, Lilly's chocolate chips, and a warm blanket


De-stresser:  Hot yoga, trail running and chocolate


Always:  Find the positives in a person or situation


Greatest Adventure:  6 day Main Salmon River trip on a stand up paddle board


Don't apologize for:  Doing what's right...I believe in Karma


All I want for Christmas:  A Yoga retreat or new board


PGR Ambassador

Must Haves: 4 seasons

Car: Forever Subaru

Occupation: Medical Office Assistant

Loves: Mountain biking adventures and sun on my shoulders

Never: Get in bed without socks

Motto: Hug someone everyday

Always: Call Grandma for advice

Great Adventures: Learning new hobbies with my guy

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate

Can’t live without: Family


Social Media, PGR Ambassador


Never: Say no to learning something new

Don’t apologize for: Being yourself and going after what’s important to you

Loves: Being outside with her family and the mystery/symmetry in science and math

Weaknesses: Reese’s peanut butter cups and facial expressions

Motto: If it doesn’t challenge you, then it’s probably not worth doing

Date night: Single-track or deep powder followed by some exquisite cuisine


PGR Ambassador


Guilty pleasure: I love a diet Mountain Dew after a long bike ride


De-stressor: Biking and skiing

Coolest trip: Cat skiing at Chatter-Creek in the Kutney  Rockies  (Canada)

Can't wait for: Every ski season to ski with my friends and grand-kids.

Not my best days: 3 shoulder surgeries, broken back, ACL and a broken leg. All from skiing.

Always try to: Love life and surround myself with the most awesome friends

Vocation: Dental Assistant for 25 years

Best date: Back country skiing with my husband. I love to earn my turns!!