Ascent Helmet Band


We do what we love for the pure joy of it, but sometimes it's a lot of work too. Yep...Pixie Girls even get hot and sweaty even when it's cold out, especially when we are pedaling steeps or ski hiking in the backcountry. Or, some days it's just not quite cold enough for a skull cap under your helmet, but you still need something to keep your ears warm. This 80% Polyester, 20% Spandex super soft touch wicking fabric fits comfortably under your helmet and it's tapered design keeps it from bunching. It also transitions like a champ to your post-shred yoga or running around town. With our fun color options this one is especially for the female rider who needs to stave off Jack Frost from biting at her ears and do it while looking totally awesome. Hand-crafted in Idaho.